A translation of abstract thought into words. A way to put volume to what has no physical shape, or remove shape from what is solid.

Writing is the process of sharing thoughts and ideas, that can typically can be categorized as either a fact or an opinion. These facts and opinions will be accessed by people, depending on what the reader is interested in finding. Style and conventions typically influence how thoughts and ideas are portrayed.

Writing is a process to express yourself and acts as a tool to help you realize what your are truly interested in and what kind of person you are. It is more like to explore your entity in the society and to picture your inner world- the conflicts of thoughts- as an individual.

Writing is sharing ideas through taking simple words and concepts and formulating a complex thought.

Some writing is the physical expression of thoughts on paper. Writing can generate emotion and open doors. Writing does not have to be with a pen, pencil or even laptop for that matter. I believe our writing is the voice inside our head. And what we read is what others have chosen to put down on paper. Some writing is never read. Writing can also be a direct or indirect form of communication. Recently, with the advancement of technology, writing is used as a direct form of communication because you are indirectly talking to them. An example of this is texting.

Writing is putting ideas into words to share with other people. Writing doesn’t even have to be your own ideas, such as in the cases of bibliographies and dictionaries. Writing is done with some kind of purpose, whether that be to entertain, inform, persuade, or any other reason. Writing has no set definition as to form, style or structure, and it is up to the writer to decide how and on what subject they wish to write.

Writing means everything from handwriting (the physical letters/words on a page that represent sounds in speech) to composition of these words that eventually becomes essays, novels, reports, etc; “A process that takes the ideas from someone’s mind and puts them in a format that others can access”; The style and conventions of the way someone writes changes based on the language, purpose/audience, and the author’s moods and ideas; Something that preserves thoughts of someone at the specific time they are writing.

Writing is an attempt to convey information, ideas, or events, real or imagined, through words (I think).

Writing is the expression of one’s innermost thoughts, ideas, and emotions addressed towards a specific audience with the intention of initiating conversation surrounding those ideas.

Writing – the organization of ones thoughts on a specific subject for a specific purpose, such as expression, teaching, narratives, or other purposes. Writing is a form of communication that is indirect and is organized in a specific format by the author.  Writing is the physical manifestation of internal thoughts or ideas. Writing does not have to be simply physical as well, but writing can be used in a metaphorical sense as well.

Writing is putting your thoughts out there, whether it be on paper or on a computer or some other way. It can be refined or silly, formal or informal, concise or drawn out. Writing can take the form of essays, poems, short stories, lab reports, songs, grocery lists, etc. Writing is what you want it to be, much like the saying “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. Writing is different for everyone, even if they may seem similar there are always differences that set one person’s writing apart from another.

Writing – A method in which a person expresses themselves and their beliefs to society; varying from informal writing such as fiction to formal writing like labs.

Writing is the process of transcribing words or symbols that demonstrate either a fact or an opinion, in order to portray an idea to an intended audience for their unique interpretation.

To me writing is taking your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and analyzing them and finding purpose behind your words and organizing them in a way that allows an audience to see your point.

Writing to me is contemplating on our thoughts and feelings based on our experiences and then sharing that perspective with others. It is what keeps us moving forward as a collective with the constant transferal of information from one head to another. Without writing, the only view of the world we would capture is our own.

Writing is the translation of a person’s mental thoughts into a form of physical expression of language for any purpose.

Writing is the conglomeration of ideas created by the individual or concepts portrayed by the individual into a written word which can be shared with others. It does not necessarily require being visual to be considered writing, however, it does need to be able to convey a long, defined idea or concept.

Writing is the process of creating a collection of words, numbers, letters, and/or symbols for the purpose of conveying a message to a targeted audience. The message may be intended for the self or it may be intended for everyone. The message may also be the organization of one’s own ideas, beliefs, and imagination or it may build off of preexisting writings or ideas.

Writing conveys a variety of ideas of opinions, as well as serves many different purposes.  It is an individual’s way of trying to inform, persuade, or entertain an audience about whatever the subject is.  Communication is also something important that can be achieved through writing.