Due: October 25 and 26, 2016 by appointment

Genre Purpose Audience Role Rhetorical Situation
Job Interview Show that you are the best candidate for a job or internship Human Resources director or Hiring Manager Job applicant You’ve been asked to interview with a prospective employer or committee.

After seeing your résumé and cover letter, the head of the company’s Human Resources department has asked you to come in and interview with the hiring committee to show that you have done your research about the company and that you can communicate information clearly and effectively.

A good job candidate will:

  • Have researched the company or organization’s history
  • Know what work the position they are applying for consists of
  • Convey particular strengths that will qualify him or her for a job
  • Mitigate weaknesses or represent them as strengths for interviewer
  • Have prepared two or three questions to ask the interviewer
  • Dress professionally for the interview
  • Bring a copy of résumé, paper for note-taking, pen, and folder
  • Practice interviewing before job interview, so that voice and nerves are steady
  • Be timely for interview
  • Be poised for interview
  • Write a thank you note or email as appropriate to job interviewer following the interview