If you are ever unsure of where to get extra help or additional resources not provided below, please ASK! I, the library staff, and the writing center staff will take the time to assist you or direct you to the appropriate help.


General Assistance:

Book an appointment with a Writing Center specialist to help with paper revisions:

Book an appointment with a research specialist to help you choose a topic and find appropriate sources:

The UNC Learning Center works with students wanting to improve their academic performance:
http://learningcenter.unc.edu/, or (919) 962‐3782

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) has great resources for each step of the writing process:

Tailor-made for YOU to succeed as an ENGL 105 student, providing you with exercises and explanations to complement our course:
The Tar Heel Writing Guide, available at UNC Student Stores

UNC’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is committed to addressing the mental health needs of a diverse student body through timely access to consultation and connection to clinically appropriate services:
https://campushealth.unc.edu/services/counseling‐and‐psychological‐services or (919) 966‐3658

UNC’s Academic Advising Program provides guidance related to course enrollments and majors and minors and can help with any problems you may be having in your courses:
http://advising.unc.edu/ or (919) 966‐5116

UNC’s Office of the Dean of Students provides personal support services for all students and assists with transitions or other challenges students may be having in and out of the classroom:
https://deanofstudents.unc.edu, (919) 966‐4042, or email dos@unc.edu


Citations and Citation Management:

Purdue Owl on Paraphrasing vs. Summarizing

UNC Library’s Citation Information Page

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Handbook on Citing Sources 

UNC’s Citation Builder

NC State’s Citation Builder



Unit 1 Additional Resources:

Tips for Selecting a Research Topic:

Guide to a Generating a Research Question for a Literature Review:

UNC’s Guide to Annotated Bibliographies:

UNC Library’s Literature Review Tutorial:

Jon Oliver on “Pop Science Articles” and Peer-Reviewed science articles:

List of Strong, Active Verbs to take the Place of Nominalizations:


Unit 2 Additional Resources:

How to write an elevator pitch

Elevator Pitch Video: Comparing bad and good examples

Elevator Pitch Video: What not to do

American Psycho Business card scene:

Adobe Color Wheel:

Cover Letter Template

Unit 3 Additional Resources:

to come


Opportunities to take your Research:

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Celebration of Undergraduate Research

List of Undergraduate Journals to publish your work from the Council on Undergraduate Research

UNC’s Peoples, Ideas, and Things (PIT) Journal

CFP: Health Humanities Exchange (HHEX): Student Research Workshop: