FEEDER 1: Guided Close-Reading

Draft Due: November 8, 2016 in class
Due: November 10, 2016 via Sakai “Assignments”

Write a two-page (double-spaced) response paper that guides me through your thought process during your initial readings. This response paper is meant to prime your reactions and thoughts about your chosen poem in preparation for your final explication ”chapter”. Your paper should guide me through your three-part reading process that analyzes 1) what the text says; 2) how the text says it; and 3) what the text means. Conclude with personal reflections on the poem. In addition to the response paper, you will submit an audio recording of you reading the poem out loud,* and a copy or scan of the annotated poem.**

*Please include poem title and author in your voice recording.

**Your annotations should demonstrate active engagement with the text by defining any unknown words, identifying contextual and thematic questions, identifying patterns, identifying important words or imagery, etc. The annotations can be as messy as you want; it should be a genuine reflection of your critical reading process.

Sections to include in your response paper:

  • A surface-level summary of the poem. After your initial reading, what did you think the poem appeared to be about? Who or what is the central subject of the poem?
  • A close-reading of the poem. What poetic features are particularly striking? For example, does the poem have a noticeable rhythm? Is the diction very simple or very complex? Is the perspective or speaker ambiguous?  Is there unexpected imagery, sentence structure, or figurative language?
  • An interpretive analysis of the poem.  What do you think the poem means?
  • A personal reflection on the poem. What were your feelings when you read this? Are there any aspects of the poem that you are struggling to interpret? Does it remind you of any other text or narrative you’ve encountered? Do you think this poem’s message is applicable to the world? Why or why not?