Here you will find information on each of your feeder projects and final unit assignments. Please submit each feeder and final unit project to the Sakai “Assignments” Page.

All of your papers (drafts and final copies) must adhere to appropriate style and format guidelines for the genre and discipline in which you are writing. As a general rule, assignments are expected to maintain 1” margins, use 12‐point font, double space lines, and contain appropriate identifying information (name, course, instructor, date). When turning in an electronic copy, the file name should include your last name and a brief description of the assignment. For example, if I submitted the course syllabus electronically the file name would read “Shand_ENGL105Syllabus”.

Use the links below to navigate to each unit-specific assignment.

Unit 1: Writing in the Sciences

Feeder 1.1: Topic Statement Handout

Feeder 1.2 Annotated Bibliography

Unit Project: Literature Review


Unit 2: Writing in Business

Feeder 2.1: ???  and Business Cards

Feeder 2.2: Cover Letter and Resume

Unit Project: Job Interview


Unit 3: Writing in the Humanities

Feeder 3.1: Close Reading Exercise

Feeder 3.2: Preface + Front Cover Design

Unit Project: Digital Companion to…